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Climb Up the Untouched Peaks of Adventure In Bhutan

What dichotomizes Bhutan from your regular commercial tourist location is its sheer exclusivity. The country, despite being a melting pot for adventure-seeking enthusiasts, chooses to remain isolated from the much-deserved limelight. It does so to protect its rich floral heritage from the harmful clutches of commercial tourism. To enter this country, every tourist (except for Indians) is required to issue a special visiting permit. For a country that places Happiness ahead of Economy, this is not surprising. This virginal status which the country holds in today’s time makes it all the more relevant as a location preeminent for adventurous pursuits. Visit this place for kayaking, climbing up its challenging terrain, go butterfly hunting, or trek through its lost routes. A typical Bhutan Adventure Tour holds more authenticity & promise to the tag, and seldom disappoints the tourists who visit.

Adventure Activities in Bhutan Come with A Rare, Divergent Aura

The routes that snake through Bhutan are less tread upon. The foot trails are not littered. The trees in here are greener, the air- purer. Bhutan’s forests suck in more carbon than the entire Bhutanese population manages to generate. Hence, advertising the sheer pureness, that this blessed location holds is in every way justifiable.

Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan being dominated by the tropical monsoon type of climate makes the months from March to May an ideal trekking season, along with the months of September & October in line when there’s a slight bite in the breeze. The Jhomolhari Trek is undertaken by many especially during the oncoming of the Jhomolhari Mountain Festival. It passes through the Bhonte La Pass(16,000ft) & Takhung La Pass(14,830ft). Ghumne Chal also recommends to check out the Druk Path Trek if you’re interested in Bhutan travel adventures. The trek starts from Paro, crossing through brooding alpines & picturesque lakes full of trout. The trek route offers you ethereal views of Bhutan’s highest peak Mt.Gangkar Puensum(7,570m/24836ft) which is the highest untouched peak in the world. Or you can opt for the Duer Hotspring Trek route whose highest point is the Juli La pass(4,700) & stops near the Duer Hotsprings where the trekking team rests for an entire day.

Kayaking & River Rafting

Newly introduced in the sphere of Bhutan adventure tours by the government, the country offers kayaking & white water rafting arrangements to the incoming tourists according to the level of difficulty of their preference (from Stages I-V). The months of March to May are the ideal time to opt for this sport as the water level in most of the rivers in Bhutan is moderate then. Kayaking in the Paro valley is ideal for beginners. The river of Paro Chhu offers a 7km trail that has plenty of enjoyable Class II rapids & wave trains. The upper Paro Chhu in the Punakha Valley offers high waters ideal for both Class III & IV kayaking and rafting. Regardless of the difficulty level you choose, you will be guided by highly seasoned professionals through each rafting and kayaking adventure activities in Bhutan.

Mountain Biking

Laden with gutsy, inviting trails over the expanse of the forests & cities alike, Bhutan is a haven for tourists who amalgamate biking with mountaineering. Hence, mountain biking has become a prime feature in the book of Bhutan Adventure. The route generally start from highways, meandering their way through the pictorial Dzongs & stark white monasteries, maroon-clad monks & vibrantly clothed men and gradually enter the trails vanishing between solemn alpines & blooming rhododendrons. Book yourself a tour and burrow through the unexplored villages at the valleys of Mongar, Bumthang Valley, Thimpu & Norbuling on wheels.

Rock Climbing

Introduced in the year 1998, rock climbing facilities are available near the capital of Thimpu. The Vertical Bhutan Climbing Club offers 13 climbing routes for the incoming tourists up the rock called ‘the Nose’. You can choose the difficulty level(4B – 7B) and the climbing distance (12m & 27m).

We Handle Bhutan Travel Adventures Like A Pro

Ghumne Chal helps each client with the tour categorization to discover their prime interests. If you show interest in adventure activities in Bhutan, we make sure we tour you through all the prime & offbeat Bhutan Adventure hotspots without missing a single location. We do that with the help of specialized tour guides exclusively from Bhutan who are in healthy collaboration with Ghumne Chal since 15 commercial years. We arrange local porters who are adept with the rugged terrain of Bhutan & are capable of carrying your luggage throughout the trek. We have compiled and collaborated with the choicest hotels & home stays with friendly hosts who help the tourists with currency exchange & language interpretation shenanigans throughout their stay during Bhutan Adventure Tours.

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